WarnerMedia to Upgrade Streaming Service

WarnerMedia will be coming up with a new streaming service, including HBO, Cinemax and its vast library of Warner Bros.

According to Market Watch, the company will charge about $16 to $17 per month and will be fully working on March 2020. TV shows produced by Warner Bros as well as films will be part of the collection for the new subscription plan.

In addition to this, WarnerMedia will also produce an ad-supported streaming service at a cheaper price. To cater to people who want to watch live shows and events, the company will also launch a premium option for the subscription.

Given this new price point, WarnerMedia streaming service will be slightly higher compared to the HBO Now plan which is $14.99 monthly and Netflix’s standard two-stream HD Plan which cost $12.99 per month. Meanwhile, it is double the price of what Disney Plus is planning to offer this coming Nov. 12 launch, for only $6.99 per month price.

The AT&T-owned company also plans to create movie-focused subscriptions, showcasing its broad collection of highly-rated films and blockbusters. There will be bundle plans, which will offer movies and series, plus a premium containing live telecasts of events.

AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson said that there’s more to come with the newest subscription plan. He also mentioned that the expounded streaming service has a ‘two-sided business model.’ This means that the entry plan would include commercials and ads.

According to the Tech Crunch, WarnerMedia has no final structure yet for the streaming service because they are still on the works. However, it is expected that the new streaming service will be huge because of AT&T’s acquisition of the Time Warner last 2018.

WarnerMedia is expected to compete with Netflix and Hulu, America’s biggest video streaming providers. With a slightly higher monthly price point than the two, WarnerMedia will need to fill in expectations of viewers and subscribers.