RBS Offering Low 9.9% APR, No Annual Fee on The Royal Bank Credit Card


Most credit cards charge a considerable penalty for using it outside the country it was issued. Given this setup, most cardholders refrain from using these cards abroad, which contradicts the use of credit card for purchases ‘anywhere in the world.’ For those who are traveling frequently for work or leisure, one good credit card contender is The Royal Bank Credit Card.

At first glance, this credit card may look standard but features are remarkable. It’s rare for credit cards to have zero foreign transaction fee and zero balance transfer fee but flaws are also present. For instance, the variable purchase rate or interest can go as high as 9.9% to 18.9%. Given that this is a variable type of interest, chances are, the amount can increase over time, leaving cardholders with massive charges.

When it comes to features, this credit card has tons. Contactless payment is one, in addition to the mobile app which works 24/7 to help manage transactions and report suspicious movements.

Eligibility and Application Process

Interested parties who wish to apply for this credit card need to be a UK resident and at least 18 years old. For online application, The Royal Bank Credit Card provides eligibility checker to help applicants find out if they are eligible for this card. Personal information needs to be provided like full name, address, contact number, employment status, and existing mortgage.

Assumed credit limit of £300 to £1,200 is issued by the Royal Bank of Scotland but it can change depending on the applicant’s financial portfolio. The bank has its discretion whether or not to increase the assumed limit.

Fees and Charges

Although the zero percent foreign transaction fee and zero balance transfer fee are interesting, other fees and charges also apply with this credit card. Aside from the introductory 9.9% APR after the 56 days grace period, cash advances fee of 16.9% are also charged and the 6.9% penalty for balance transfers. If the credit limit is maximized and exceeded, a penalty of £12 also applies.