SGX Taps Investment Research with Smartkarma Investment

Singapore Exchange is tapping on the investment research network with its newest local-based fintech company investment Smartkarma.

The move comes with SGX’s initiative to create growth opportunities for Smartkarma in terms of alternative data sourcing in investment research.

Together with Sequoia Capital India and Wavemaker Partners, Smartkarma receives an undisclosed amount from these investors that is enough to launch its global corporate solutions.

In an article published by Singapore Business Review, it is said that Smartkarma is providing a platform wherein investors, investment analysts and listed companies can interact and access more than 24,000 research files. This network is beneficial for investors to get leads on the best market to fund to get significant ROI.

More than the access to published investment research, Smartkarma also lets investors interact with each other.

According to SGX Head of Retail Chan Kum Kong, “With the advent of technology, we see tremendous potential in this innovative platform that is adding another dimension to fundamental investment research.”

Kong also added that the company will continue to uphold the availability of its thousands of research coverage in partnership with the Monetary Authority of Singapore or MAS.

Given this wider development of Smartkarma, companies and investors can work get access to quality materials for their benefit.

In the launch of the corporate solutions through partnership with SGX, Smartkarma will target C-suite listed companies and investors worldwide. The corporate solution acts as an extension of the existing research network platform.

The corporate solutions or C-Suite Pilot Program is designed to streamline communication and data reporting of listed companies, analysts and investors. Listed companies can also monitor sentiment, industry performance and communicate with analysts and investors for sound collaboration.

SGX is the pilot partner of the Singapore-based startup Smartkarma to develop a new research network platform.