Disputed Parent’s Health Insurance Bill Passed in Morocco

The Moroccan government recently revealed that it will be enforcing the heavily deliberated Bill 63.16 or the Parent’s Health Insurance Bill, says Morocco World News. This comes after years of debate in the house of councillors since its referral in 2016. According to spokesman Mustapha El Khalfi, this new policy mandates insurance providers to also cover the parents of insurance public workers.

The spokesman emphasizes that the newly implemented law is a step toward universal basic health care accessibility across all levels of society. The government expects the law to improve the purchasing power of government employees. Moreover, officials anticipate the law to boost the country’s spending on health insurance.

Aside from these, the new law is set to facilitate the launch of the country’s more ambitious initiative. The spokesperson conveys Head of Government Saadeddine Othmani intention to enforce the bill with the benefit of Moroccan citizens in mind.

It took three years for Members of the Parliament to pass the bill because of the compulsory aspects of the policy. According to parliamentarians, there are aspects of the policy that should not be mandatory, but optional.

Criticisms regarding the law stem from the view of some opposers. These views state that it has the potential to benefit some people ‘off the back of others.’ Opponents of the policy also state that it will enforce salary and pension deductions to every public worker, regardless of whether their parents are alive or not.

These criticisms are based on article 1 of the health coverage code which upholds ‘the principle of solidarity and contribution among all social actors.’

Regarding the stagnation of the bill, El Khalfi expressed his opinion saying that it is ‘irrational.’ Meanwhile, there have been earlier reports of El Othmani alleging Hakim Benchemach, Speaker of the House of Councilors, of hindering the passing of the law.