Big Crypto Investors Prefer Roobee as Investing Platform

Start-up investment ecosystem Roobee is the preferred platform by crypto whales, says News BTC. This new service is changing the crypto investing landscape by enabling interested investors to invest in the crypto sector for a low cost.

Roobee uses blockchain technology algorithms and artificial intelligence to eliminate obstacles that make it difficult for investors to invest in crypto for as low as $10. The company experienced success in the pre-seeding, in which it was able to obtain a fund of $4.5 million through the investor named nicknamed 200m.

The blockchain-based service utilizes Roobee Network, RoobeeChain blockchain and RoobeeScore in its ecosystem. These technologies are combined to provide a convenient, easy and accessible investing service to interested individuals.

The firm’s implementation of innovative technologies has reportedly allowed 5,000 investors to place $15,000,000 in capitals through Etherium (ETH) investments amounting to 21,000 ETH.

The success of the investment platform is attributed to co-founder Artem Popov who have experience in entrepreneurship in various fields, especially with his experience in enabling more than 300,000 investors to participate in a community he founded. The company also has CEO Amine Berraoui who has worked with companies such as Citibank and Deutschebank.

The Roobee IEO

The company is set to initiate its Global Token Sale. This initial exchange offering (IEO) is set to have two rounds, the first of which started on Monday and will end on the 17th. The firm will be opening around 75,000,000 Roobees for sale at 0.01 USD.

The second round of sales will start on the 18th and will end on the 22nd.

Interested investors can cash in on Roobees through BitForex. Buyers who avail of the Great Token Sale can take advantage of bonuses offered by the company namely the Silver, Gold and Prime packages.