Beyoncé to Make $300m From Uber, Other Celebs to Make Bank

The famous Lemonade performer is expecting a windfall of $300 million from Uber IPO. As Uber goes public on the New York Stock Exchange last Friday, May 10, 2019, early investors are slated to receive millions of dollars from the company.

According to Yahoo! News, the launch of Uber’s initial public offering went for a whopping $8.1 billion, making it one of the biggest IPOs in tech history. The news site reports that the shares were initially valued at $45 each

The amount that Beyoncé is going to receive stems from a brilliant move she made in 2015. As the singer-actress was offered $6 million to perform at a corporate Uber event in the city of Las Vegas, Queen Bey decided that she wanted to be paid in stock. Now, her investment in the company has allowed her to reap generous rewards.

Other celebrities who have invested in Uber before its initial public offering include Ashton Kutcher, reportedly investing in the ride-hailing giant since 2011, Olivia Munn, Leonardo DiCaprio, and who else but Beyoncé’s husband, singer-rapper Jay-Z.

In an interview with People, Ashton Kutcher said he was able to invest $500,000 way back in 2011. Meanwhile, People reports that Olivia Munn also made a sizeable investment in the company, when “it was only about 7,000 cars and $1.8 million in net revenue and only a few cities.”

Apart from these actors, Amazon giant Jeff Bezos is also expecting to earn up to $400 million from the app. The world’s richest man invested $37 million in the company during its series B funding in 2011.

Lance Armstrong, who admitted to using performance-enhancing drugs, also said that his investment in the ride-sharing app changed his life. His initial investment of $100,000 in 2011 is expected to earn $20 million today.