Airbnb Now Offers Luxury Rental Services

In the move to expand rental options for its millions of users, American hospitality company Airbnb is now launching a new luxury rental service.

The new tier will be called Airbnb Luxe, which features massive private homes with spectacular views, top-of-the-line amenities, with a price tag no lower than $1,000 a night.

Business Insider reports that almost 2,000 luxury properties are up for rent, which includes trip designers and private chefs. Each property is designed to assist guests better with childcare, private chefs, in-house massages and personal training sessions.

Airbnb also said in a statement that these homes have elevated design standards, “incorporating the use of premium materials and finishes and rare and unique features.”

The Luxe is one of Airbnb’s initiative for an almost ‘full-service’ hotel and travel platform, which is far from the budget-friendly accommodation.

Continuous Expansion and Development

More than offering new accommodation options, the company is also acquiring other platforms, including HotelTonight, which offers last-minute hotel booking. Moreover, it also bought last 2018 a bed-and-breakfast boutique hotel as part of its Plus Tier booking option.

The decision to update and upgrade services is to compete with the high-end resort and hotel chains like Four Seasons, Marriott and Resorts World. Right now, the company is already in a good position by tapping on middle-class earners and millennials. To compete with luxury accommodation, Airbnb has to offer one but with added perks that can only be availed in hotels and private resorts.

For the Luxe, available listings include penthouses and mansions in different parts of the world. In fact, recently, news about Selena Gomez staying at an ocean-front $3,750 a night accommodation in Malibu and Beyoncé spotted at a $10,000 a night Airbnb in Santa Clara for Super Bowl.

The newest accommodation option Luxe is made possible with the acquisition of Luxury Retreats in 2017.