A $1.9M Karlmann King is the World Most Expensive SUV

The world’s most priced SUV wowed attendees of the New York Auto Show, with a whopping price tag of $1.9M.

The Karlmann King, an Italian armoured car with a Ford F-550 base and a fully customized interior is the highlight of the auto show, with attendees from different parts of the globe. The vehicle has four recycling alligator skin back seats, complete with massive TV, coffee maker and a rolling lounge.

One of the reasons why this car is expensive is the bulletproof technology, which buyers from Africa and the Middle East are looking for. This feature alone costs about $300,000 because of the material used. Moreover, the exterior design is also inspired by ‘diamond cutting and stealth fighter jets.’

In an article published by ABC News, it is said that there are people ordering the car already, with one buyer requesting for a snake and crocodile leather with gold accents costing $4 million. In addition to this, there are about 20 buyers lining up for the release of this vehicle, particularly in North America.

Buyers can expect delivery of the car in nine to fifteen months from now.

Security features

Individuals in the dangerous parts of the world, including Africa and some parts of the Middle East, are after the high-tier security features of this car. Having the Ford base, which has proven durability, this car also maintains 6.8-litre V-10.

The interiors are also bespoke, with safe, champagne flutes and wet bar. Satellite phone connections, GPS tracker and sleeping seats with massage rollers are also installed in the vehicle.

Sales Director Michael Nothdurf said in an interview with ABC News, “These SUVs are designed to be really unique. Each one can be customized. This car is the most emotional car that you can see at auto shows. People either hate it or they love it.”

The Karlmann King replaced the Rolls-Royce Cullinan on the world’s most expensive SUV spot, which has a starting price of $325,000.